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A foreign object in your ear. What to do?

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The ear is a sensitive organ composed of a series of parts that enable the perception and analysis of the sound surrounding us. Foreign objects inside the ear can impair its proper functioning as well as cause severe damage and pain. 

When experiencing an invasion of the ear canal by an object or insect, it is necessary to know the steps to follow in order to achieve the least possible impact on the hearing function. Here are the steps to follow. 

First aid for foreign body in the ear:

Stay calm:

The presence of an object in the ear can cause pain, fear, as well as the perception of intense sounds. The risk that this may cause severe damage and that clear hearing may not be achieved may cause distress in the patient. 

When this situation is presented in a child, the task of staying calm is multiplied. As a mother, father or guardian, you must calm down before acting in order to make the best decision. 

Once anxiety is reduced, you can observe the object and take the following steps before deciding whether it requires the intervention of a professional or not. 

Use the force of gravity to your advantage:

Turn the patient’s head so that the affected ear points to the ground and gravity pulls the foreign object out. This technique can help you better see what it is and be able to remove it yourself.

Determine the condition of the ear:

In a neutral position, try to visualize possible inner injuries. For example, impacts caused by these invasions can affect the eardrum causing bleeding, liquid secretions accompanied by intense pain. 

If any of these signs are present, it is time for a professional check-up as soon as possible so that an ENT doctor can find the ideal solution for this injury.

Remove the object, if possible:

Some objects are visible and accessible and with the use of appropriate tools can be removed at home. 

In this case, it is only recommended to use tweezers, avoid at all costs sharp objects such as swabs, pen caps, etc. that can push the object instead of removing it. 

If it is an insect, it is preferable the intervention of a professional who can deal with the natural movement of the animal without causing harm to the patient. In addition, it should also be ensured that no eggs are deposited in the area. 

Avoid water, oil or any other liquid inside the ear if it is not performed by a professional:

Yes, ear lavages are effective to eliminate insects, but they must be carried out by a specialist who has the proper technique to avoid damaging the delicate ear organs.

See a professional:

Remember that you can go see a specialist when you notice that your pain becomes intense and unbearable, there is loss of blood or any discharge from the ear, you cannot see what is in the ear canal, you feel that your nerves are getting the better of you.

Doctors can help remove foreign objects and even objects with painless and safe techniques to safeguard the health of the ear. They can also make sure of the condition of the ear canal and take all necessary precautions to avoid infection or inflammation.

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You can count on Dr. Lech, an ENT specialist for these emergency situations

Treatment after removal of a foreign body in the ear

A doctor may recommend certain treatments to prevent complications due to irritation, such as:

Prescription drops: They have an antibiotic component that will help fight any traces of infection and heal the affected area.

Specialized treatments for injuries: If the situation causes any injury to the eardrum or other areas of the ear the doctor may recommend treatments ranging from pharmacological options to surgeries; all considering each case on an individual basis.

Why is it critical to remove any foreign object from the ear?

The ear is a sensitive area, through which we hear the sounds of the environment. The presence of an object or insect can seriously affect this sensory perception and, at the same time, can cause pain, injure the crucial organs of the ear and trigger an infection. 

Seeking help when you experience the presence of an object or insect in your ear is the best way to seek a quick, effective and supervised solution that will help you avoid further injury. 

Most common types of objects in the ear

Dry food:

Seeds, beans and/or popcorn, are small, curious foods that can enter the ear canal and expand in size with the help of moisture in the area.


These look for dark places to hide. They can be introduced while the person sleeps or when surrounded by a large number of animals. They can cause pain and the sensation of a deafening noise. It is imperative to remove them as soon as possible to avoid their reproduction.

Residues of absorbent cotton or swab tips:

When trying to clean the ear, these items can get stuck in the ear and make it difficult to remove them.


These objects attract the attention of children and represent a great risk to their health. The earwax can stimulate the alkaline substances of the battery and cause burns in a short time.

When dealing with this object, it is crucial that you see a doctor for removal and aftercare.

Having an ENT specialist in these cases is critical. Dr. Lech is at your disposal

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