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Itchy nose? This could be happening to you

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Arguably, almost every human being has experienced an itchy nose at some point in their lives, but what is the cause of this feeling? It starts as a tickling sensation inside the nose and, in some cases, causes the need to sneeze. 

To learn more about this annoying situation, keep on reading this article. We will discuss everything you need to know about an itchy nose. 

Causes of an itchy nose

Itchy nose is considered a warning method the body uses to signal that there is something different, toxic or infectious in the environment. The causes that can trigger this warning are varied, including:

Dry nose

The inner area of the nose is kept moist as a product of the development of mucus and constant passage of air. When there are external conditions that dry the nose, irritation occurs and the warning signal is triggered. 

This means that any environmental process that creates a dry environment, such as, winter, air conditioning, etc., can trigger an itchy nose. 

Allergic reaction:

When the person comes in contact with the allergen, whether it is pollen, dust or a specific flower or food, it triggers an allergic reaction that begins with an itching sensation in the inner nose. However, it may be accompanied by other symptoms such as skin spots and/or rashes, asthma, etc.

Exposure to chemical agents:

when the patient is exposed to them for too long. Some people are used to creating mixtures of cleaning chemicals or employees are exposed to inhalation contamination during their workday. 

When the nose mucosa is affected by exaggerated exposure to these chemicals, irritation and itching occur as a result. 

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Virus or bacterial infection:

Microorganisms that come into contact with the body through the air should not be left out. When inhaling their particles, the nose works as a filter and when these infectious agents accumulate in the nose, itching, sneezing and mucus are produced in order to extract them. 

Once the contagion is complete, other symptoms such as cold, flu, etc., develop. 

When should I be concerned about my itchy nose?

Owing to the wide variety of factors affecting the nose that can cause an itchy nose, a period of observation is recommended in order for the patient to determine whether a specialist’s help is needed or not. 

For instance, if allergic rhinitis lasts for more than a week, the patient should see an expert nose doctor to perform the pertinent tests to improve their condition. 

When there is an exposure to extreme conditions, such as chemical evaporation or toxic environments, and the nose is constantly itching, a visit to the doctor is necessary as soon as possible, especially if respiratory difficulty, physical deficiency, itching in the throat and/or signs on the skin are noticed. 

Frequent treatments for itchy nose

Finding an ideal treatment recommendation requires an expert nose doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and, based on this, determine the course of action to be taken. 

When dealing with situations where the main symptom is itchy nose, some solutions may include: 

Identification of the allergen agent and its elimination from the patient's environment. That is, the cause of the allergy is ascertained and the patient is invited to avoid exposure to it.

Saline solutions to moisturize the inner area of the nose. It also works as a cleansing method that can remove any trace of contamination.

Antihistamines, which are prescribed according to the characteristics of each patient.


If you frequently have an itching feeling in your nose, it is time to see an ENT specialist to help you find out the cause of your discomfort and find a solution at the same time. 

You can trust Dr. Lech to find a real solution for your discomfort. 

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