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Nasal Septum Pain without Impact

Nasal septum pain without having suffered a direct impact or trauma can be puzzling and sometimes concerning.

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This type of pain can have various causes, some of which may require medical attention.

Below, we’ll address the potential causes of this symptom, as well as the diagnostic methods used to identify the root of the problem.

What is Nasal Septum Pain?

The nasal septum is the cartilage and bone wall that divides the nose into two nasal cavities.

Although we mainly associate nasal pain with injuries or impacts, there are situations where pain can arise without an apparent cause of trauma.

Understanding the possible reasons behind this symptom is the first step to properly addressing the issue and finding relief.

Identifying Possible Causes

Various factors can cause nasal septum pain without the presence of an impact. These include:

Inflammations and Allergies

Allergies can cause inflammation in the nasal passages, including the nasal septum.

This inflammation can be painful and is often accompanied by other symptoms such as sneezing, itching, and nasal congestion.

Structural Anomalies

A deviation of the nasal septum, where the septum shifts to one side of the nose, can cause pressure and consequently, pain.

Although these deviations are often the result of injuries, some people are born with this condition or develop it gradually, without a specific traumatic event.

Environmental Factors

Extremely dry air, whether due to arid climates or the use of heating during winter, can dry out the nasal membranes, causing irritation and pain. Exposure to pollutants and chemicals can also irritate the nasal septum.

Specific Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions, such as infections in the nasal area, chronic sinusitis, or non-allergic rhinitis, can cause nasal septum pain.

Sometimes, diseases affecting the immune system or connective tissue, such as lupus, can also manifest with this symptom.

Identificando Las Posibles Causas

Diagnostic Methods

To determine the cause of nasal septum pain, healthcare professionals may employ various diagnostic methods, including:

Physical Examination:

A specialized doctor, such as an otolaryngologist, can perform a detailed physical examination of the nose to identify any structural anomalies, inflammation, or signs of infection.

Nasal Endoscopy:

This procedure involves using an endoscope, a thin, flexible tube equipped with a camera, to obtain a detailed view of the inside of the nasal cavities and the septum.

Allergy Testing:

If allergies are suspected as the cause of the pain, skin or blood tests can be performed to identify specific allergens.

Diagnostic Imaging:

In some cases, imaging studies such as X-rays or computed tomography (CT) scans may be recommended to obtain detailed images of the nasal structures.

If you experience nasal septum pain without an apparent cause, it is important to consult a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Identifying and addressing the underlying cause is essential for relieving pain and improving your quality of life.

Dr. Lech is an otolaryngologist who can provide comprehensive care to achieve well-being.

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Laura Ruiz Ruiz
La verdad mi hija y yo nos sentimos muy bien atendidas por el el dr. Lech, estamos siguiendo el tratamiento lo cual ha estado haciendo un buen efecto en ella y mejorando su calidad de vida. Muy agradecida siempre!!!
Yanixa Baloy
Yanixa Baloy
Excelente Dr. Muy amable y excelente atención..lo recomiendo.
Xiomara Pinillo
Xiomara Pinillo
Buen Dia Esperando todo se encuentren bien.- Lo que puedo comentarle es q el Dr. Lech es una excelente persona, no solo como medico sino como un ser humano, es muy especial en la atencion a sus paciente.- Soy fiel testigo de eso porque lo he vivido y he escuchado de otras persona y colegas. Bendiciones a tod@s.-
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Michel Guerrero
Excelente su atención, muy empático y atento, muchas gracias, lo recomiendo.
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