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Snoring due to nasal obstruction

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Snoring is the loud sound, sometimes sporadic, that some people make when they are in a deep sleep. We can all suffer from time to time from this situation due to the way in which the air passes when sleeping.  

However, when snoring becomes a common problem in the patient, it can be associated with a more serious nasal obstruction problem that prevents the natural flow of air and produces these annoying sounds during sleep. 

When snoring is recurrent, it decreases the quality of the patient’s rest and makes it difficult to live together as a couple due to the discomfort caused by the sound. The disorder associated with this situation is known as obstructive sleep apnea and should be treated by a physician specialized in otorhinolaryngology. 

Common causes of nasal obstruction leading to snoring

There are many factors that can contribute to a patient experiencing snoring during sleep, due to the mechanics of the airway and its ability to prevent the passage of air.

Sleeping position: When the person is used to sleeping on their back, they are more likely to experience snoring due to the function of gravity that pulls the relaxed muscles of the throat into the blockage.

Accumulated fatigue: When patients who have not slept well are able to fall asleep, they feel a high level of relaxation, which prevents the muscles from maintaining the necessary space for the air to flow.

Alcohol consumption: This substance makes the muscles relax and causes snoring during sleep.

None of these causes is a chronic snoring problem, but these others may represent a more serious problem in dealing with disruptive sleep apnea.

Deviated nasal septum: This nasal obstruction that generates a constant nasal congestion can be a serious cause of nighttime snoring. The lack of free airflow causes, in addition to snoring, a series of respiratory complications.

Narrow anatomy: It can be due to several factors, such as overweight, thick low palate, elongated uvula, etc. That is, any situation in the anatomy of the throat that narrows the channel through which air flows affects the time of sleep and causes the patient to snore.

Causas Frecuentes De La Obstrucción Nasal Que Producen Ronquidos

Symptoms of snoring

When nighttime snoring becomes a moderate or severe problem, it is not only because of the annoying sound, but also because of a series of symptoms that affect the patient’s quality of life, such as:

Throat discomfort after sleeping:

It may present as dryness, pain, burning or itching sensation that is evident right after waking up.

Nighttime choking sensation:

Air obstruction may cause breathing to slow or stop causing this exaltation which, in most cases, ends up waking the patient.

Chest pain during sleep:

Due to the effort made to achieve respiratory rhythm, a pressure may be felt, which may also indicate respiratory impairment.

Disrupted sleep:

It is estimated that a patient with chronic snoring wakes up several times during each hour of sleep, which means that they cannot achieve a healthy rest. This triggers other symptoms such as: tiredness during the day, loss of concentration, lowered productivity, etc.

This happens because of the decrease of oxygen in the body. When breathing stops or slows down, the brain interrupts sleep.

Headache at the beginning of the day:

It may be due to the effort to breathe or lack of rest, but it is a quite determining symptom.

Increased blood pressure:

Significant symptom especially in older people and those with obesity.

When to see a doctor?

A couple of nights with snoring are not alarming. Before seeing a medical specialist to help you detect a disruptive apnea disorder and solve your snoring problem, you should first identify some of its symptoms. 

If you present these discomforts, you have been interrupting your partner’s rest for a couple of weeks because of the loudness of your snoring, you feel you cannot rest as you need, then you need to see a doctor. 

Consulting a doctor can help you better understand your disorder and find an effective solution to stop snoring. 

Looking for an ear, nose and throat doctor who specializes in snoring treatment? Dr. Lech can help you and provide you with an effective solution.

Síntomas De Los Ronquidos

Common treatments for nasal obstruction.

When symptoms become a chronic discomfort and you decide to see a nose doctor, changes and improvement will begin according to the treatment that the doctor deems appropriate once the diagnosis is completed. 

Here are some options for recommendations that a nose doctor like Dr. Lech can suggest:

Lifestyle suggestions

Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption if necessary.

Lose weight, regaining a healthy weight is a necessary option to see the improvement of this condition.

Change your sleeping position, it is recommended to sleep on your side avoiding being on your back.

Diagnose and improve nasal congestion, if you suffer from this condition, the doctor will treat the congestion with the ideal method.

Treatments with non-invasive devices:

Nowadays, there are options designed to relieve throat distention. These devices are used when sleeping and can be effective for many patients.

Continuous positive airway pressure:

A device that delivers pressurized air into the airway through a small pump. The system is made possible with the help of a mask that fits over the nose and mouth, and keeps the airways unclogged by the continuous flow of air.

Oral appliances:

These are devices tailored to the patient that are intended to contain the areas of the mouth that cause snoring, such as the palate, tongue and jaw. 

The device is designed specifically for each patient and is recommended at night to prevent the relaxed muscles from blocking the air and causing the annoying sound. 

Surgical treatment

Surgical techniques have been developed and should be performed by an ENT specialist that favor the opening of the upper airway. Each recommendation will depend on the individual characteristics of the patient. 

Therefore, the physician must know the case in order to determine the best course of treatment. 

If you are looking for an effective snoring treatment, you can count on Dr. Lech's experience.

Tratamientos Frecuentes Para Obstrucción Nasal

When should a nasal obstruction be operated?

Nasal obstruction can trigger serious problems that limit the patient’s quality of life, and may be triggered by several causes, such as deviated septum, nodules, tumors, allergic inflammation, among others. 

Surgery provides a functional solution for some of these diseases that cause disruptive sleep apnea. 

Surgical procedures are recommended when the condition does not find a less invasive solution or when other treatments are not effective. Surgery is recommended as a last resort. 

The treatment for snoring can sometimes be surgical. However, the nose doctor will exhaust all other resources in addition to finding the original cause of the condition. 

Need help with your snoring? Dr. Lech can help you

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