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This procedure is performed ONLY AFTER RECOMMENDATION from a specialist

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What is ear lavage?

Ear lavage is a technique that allows the elimination of excess wax. This procedure must be performed by an otolaryngologist to avoid complications and other risks for the patient. 

With this cleaning methodology, the patient can remove excess or plugs of wax, food particles and even insect debris that may enter the ear. However, it is a counterproductive technique in cases where there is an object or insect still alive inside the ear. 

What is the process of ear lavage like?

During the procedure, there are several factors to consider, such as the type of wax, patient’s history and risks. It is paramount to know that the lavage procedure involves the eardrum and the middle ear. If the patient does not have the proper experience, it can cause damage to the eardrum, infection and other discomforts that worsen the patient’s situation.

Qué Es El Lavado De Oído

This means that this lavage procedure is not a technique to implement at home. On the contrary, it is necessary to have the support and recommendations of a professional.

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Yanixa Baloy
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Xiomara Pinillo
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Michel Guerrero
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Excelente su atención, muy empático y atento, muchas gracias, lo recomiendo.
Cómo Saber Si Necesito Un Lavado De Oído

How do I know if I need an ear lavage?

There are several situations in which an ear lavage is necessary. The first is when you have hearing problems, the second is when you feel some discomfort when using hearing aids and the third is when you think you have an ear infection or pain and the ENT doctor cannot see inside your ear canal.

This cleaning procedure has only one objective: to remove excess earwax that can sometimes become bothersome to the patient when it hardens.

It used to be thought that regular ear cleaning was necessary. In fact, there is a misconception that the wax we produce.

It is a natural self-defense element that contains oily substances and epithelial cells that help us fight infections.

Allowing our ears to have wax is healthy. However, when it hardens or blocks our sense of hearing, we can solve it with the intervention of a professional.

How often should an ear lavage be performed?

Considering that it is a useful procedure only under the recommendation of a specialist, we can say that the frequency varies according to the characteristics of each patient.

For example, a person with a history of dry wax who frequently suffers from hearing complications due to wax plugs, can maintain a routine of an annual lavage.

On the other hand, if the person feels any discomfort, pain, fever and other symptoms that may be associated with otitis, the ideal is to perform a lavage in order to evaluate the situation inside the ear.

Cuántas Veces Se Debe Hacer Un Lavado De Oído - Dr. Lech

What is bilateral ear lavage?

In order for the cleaning of the ear canals to be efficient, it is necessary to expose both ears of the patient to the lavage procedure. Generally, when the patient decides to have a preventive lavage, the specialist focuses on both ears.

When treating infections or other ear conditions, more attention is given to the affected area. However, bilateral attention is also necessary.

How is ear lavage performed?

The procedure is carried out with room temperature or warm water and is performed as follows:

Cómo Se Hace El Lavado De Oído - Dr. Lech

Need an ear lavage??

If you feel discomfort when using hearing aids, have stopped hearing well or feel constant pain in your ear, it is time to see an otolaryngologist.

Dr. Lech has the experience to help you. You can trust him to relieve your discomfort.

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