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Treatments for otitis

Ear conditions are varied, it is necessary to recognize that they differ from each other in order to have an action plan in case you or one of your relatives suffers from it.

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What is ear infection?

Otitis is called a type of infection that occurs in the middle ear, which is a space behind the eardrum where important bones for sound perception are located.

Ear infections can be painful, cause other symptoms and, if not treated in time, cause serious hearing problems.

What causes otitis?

The infection can be caused by a viral agent or by the proliferation of bacteria. In other words, otitis can occur after a cold or flu, and even by exposure to contaminated water.

When the system is faced with a virus or bacteria that affects the throat, this infection can connect with the Eustachian tubes, blocking their function, causing inflammation, allowing fluid to accumulate in the middle ear and causing the typical discomfort of otitis.

On the other hand, otitis can cause other conditions inside the ear such as:

  • Accumulation of fluid or effusion inside the ear despite dispensing with the infection. This condition is known as: Otitis media with effusion.
  • Perforation in the eardrum as a result of an infection that cannot be eliminated from the ear. Called chronic suppurative otitis media.

Types of otitis.

It is an infectious disease that mainly attacks the respiratory system and which has a distinctive characteristic of coughing.

It is the infection of the middle ear with mild or imperceptible symptoms, but it is characterized by the exudation of liquid, that is, by the exit of liquid through the main canal.

It refers to an infection with a suppuration greater than three months, it becomes chronic due to the permanence of the infection that can have serious consequences.

These are rare cases and most of the patients who present it are aquatic athletes, this happens due to the decrease in earwax that allows microorganisms to sneak into the middle ear, proliferate and cause infection. This otitis, unlike the previous ones, is formed in the skin that lines the ear canal.

Diagnostic process.


The diagnosis of otitis should be made by an otolaryngologist with experience in the area. The examination is based on physical examination supported by an otoscope that helps to visualize the areas of the middle ear.

At this point the specialist can identify the progress of the infection and even if there is damage to the eardrum. If this is the case or if you are dealing with a patient with a long history of ear infections, other tests may be recommended, such as: tympanometry and/or audiometry.

Both of these additional tests will help the doctor verify the diagnosis and establish an effective treatment route.

Treatments for otitis.

Some cases of otitis are simple and disappear days later, so the doctor may recommend waiting with supervision in order to allow the body itself to eliminate the infection.

However, when this does not happen, it can be recommended:

  • Antibiotics: Although not all types of otitis can be treated with antibiotics, it is the most common treatment as it helps attack the root of the infection.

On the other hand, analgesics can be recommended to reduce discomfort and pain, this can be in drops or pills.

The perception of this treatment will depend on the age of the patient and the type of otitis that is faced.

  • Transtympanic drainage: In more serious or chronic cases, the doctor may recommend the surgical placement of drainage tubes that will help remove fluid from the eardrum area, allowing recovery from otitis and avoiding other long-term conditions.
  • Removing the adenoids: It can be an effective option when the appearance of otitis is continuous since it is the adenoids that are in charge of eliminating infections, this would allow recurring infections to disappear.

This is a recommended surgical procedure of last resort.


How can otitis be prevented?

It is not possible to have a specific formula to prevent this disease, however, personal care mechanisms can be recommended that reduce the risk of suffering from otitis. For example, frequent hand washing prevents the spread of viruses. Maintaining a rigorous vaccination control for children protects them from various types of diseases and strengthens their immune system.

Avoid the use of antibiotics unless they are strictly necessary, since the abuse of these drugs can develop resistance.

Frequent questions

Otitis can last from 7 days to more than 3 months. The duration of the infection will depend on various factors such as the cause, type of treatment received, general conditions of the patient, etc.

Otitis is a serious disease, an ear infection can worsen if not treated properly, triggering hearing loss, ear damage, and in severe cases, death.

It is important to deal with an infection like this as soon as possible and with professionals in the area who recommend effective solutions.

Consuming antibiotics without medical supervision can have consequences for health in general, the dose of these drugs is calculated based on the physical characteristics of each individual, so handling other doses can result in damage.

Taking antibiotics can also cause the body and bacteria to develop resistance, thus complicating the process of treating infections.

In addition, if these are mixed with alcohol, an allergic reaction can occur that worsens the condition of the infection, making treatment more difficult, this can put the patient's life at risk and even cause death.

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