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Otosclerosis treatment

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What does otosclerosis means?

Is a pathology that makes the ability to hear difficult ability in the long term. An otodystrophy of great clinical importance.

Otosclerosis occurs when abnormal new bones form in the inner ear, which then affect proper functioning of other parts of the ear.

During hearing process tiny bones participate, these bones move with the sound waves in the air and convert them into electrochemical signals to pass from the eardrum to the brain and taking a step to its interpretation.

If one of these bones is not in place, it impedes the movement of the other bones and therefore hearing will be lost.

Qué Es La Otosclerosis De Oído

Do you think you may suffer from otosclerosis? In this article, we define the symptoms:

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Yanixa Baloy
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Xiomara Pinillo
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Michel Guerrero
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Types of otosclerosis

This pathology can present in two forms in the patient’s middle ear. It is important for the otolaryngologist to make a correct diagnosis in order to suggest an effective treatment.

Tipos De Otosclerosis De Oído

Fenestration otosclerosis:

This is the most common, affecting 85% of patients are suffering from this otodystrophy. Lesions are found in the fissula ante fenestram, these are characterized by being bilateral, symmetrical and millimetric.

In these cases, the damage is found from the oval window reaching to the round window and if the condition reaches the stapes plate it will cause deafness

Retrofenestral or cochlear otosclerosis:

In retrofenestral otosclerosis, fenestral lesions are found, in these cases a growth is observed in the otic capsule, also the halo sign or double cochlear ring are common in its diagnosis.

Otosclerosis Symptoms:

The symptoms of this pathology may not be noticed as it progresses slowly.

Hearing loss that is mild at first and increases over time, and patients with this symptom report not being able to hear whispers or low tones in conversation.

Patients may also experience sudden buzzing, clicking or roaring noises inside the ear.

It is common for the patient to experience dizziness, loss of balance and even vertigo due to hearing failure.

Síntomas De La Otosclerosis De Oído

Dr. Lech is an Otolaryngologist located in Panama and can help you with any cas

Otosclerosis causes

The cause of otosclerosis is unknown, but there appears to be a hereditary component, meaning it can be passed down through families, also as a result of a strong ear infection and even stress fractures of the bones of the inner ear.

No cause can be found with certainty and therefore no preventive action can be recommended. Patients can only be urged to see a specialist when they notice a decrease in their hearing ability.

Otosclerosis Treatment

So far, there is no pharmacological medicine that improves this condition, the solution in early stages of otosclerosis may be the use of a hearing aid that amplifies the sound and restores the patient’s quality of life.

In advanced stages of the disease and in other cases, a surgical intervention is recommended to solve the disorder.

The treatment is called stapedectomy and consists of a surgery in which a prosthesis is inserted around the enlarged or abnormal bone of the ear, which restores the ability to perceive sound waves and in turn restores hearing.

Like any surgical procedure, all the patient’s conditions must be evaluated with the help of a medical specialist, as well as reviewing the risks and probability of effectiveness in order to make the best possible decision.

Tratamiento Para La Otosclerosis De Oído

Are you experiencing mild hearing loss or dizziness?

See an otolaryngologist as soon as possible.

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