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Tinnitus or tinnitus What causes strange noises in the ear?

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What is tinnitus and/or tinnitus?

In this way, the symptom that a patient can feel when having an ear condition is defined, it manifests as a strange noise perceptible only to the person who suffers from the condition and occurs for various reasons.

Tinnitus or tinnitus can be perceived as a hiss, squeal, electric sound, click, whisper, etc. They can be strong or soft, in short, it is a symptom that can only be described by the patient according to his own interpretation.

Strange noises are produced inside as a result of an affectation of the internal organs of the ear, which means that there is no external stimulus that produces it. For this reason it is important that patients seek professional help as soon as they identify tinnitus, especially if the sensation causes them distress or anxiety.


Disorders that cause tinnitus.

Tinnitus or tinnitus is a manifestation of some damage to the auditory system, that is, it can come from various reasons that must be evaluated by a professional to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Among the causes we find:

When liquids and dirt accumulate that cause infection, it is likely that the ear stimuli are modified due to internal pressure and thus tinnitus is generated.

A strong impact to the head or areas adjacent to the ear can cause damage to the auditory nerve, allowing it to interrupt the auditory information that travels to the brain, causing misinformation, that is, tinnitus.

Over time, hair cells, which are an essential part of analyzing stimuli and hearing, weaken when this happens, they can bend and begin to send signals to the brain without external stimulation.

This is one of the reasons why tinnitus is more related to older adults.

There are a variety of medications that affect hearing and cause tinnitus. For example: antidepressants, diuretics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and even some cancer treatments can cause this symptom as a side effect.

Other possible causes of tinnitus.

Being a symptom, it can also be produced by the following causes:


Cerumen blockages can cause pressure in the ear canal and produce, in addition to auditory obstruction, tinnitus.

The most common is known as a neurinoma, it is a benign tumor that forms between the brain and the inner ear.

Conditions such as high blood pressure and other factors can alter the blood pressure in the blood vessels around the ear organs, causing or increasing the perception of tinnitus.

This area that allows movement of the jaw is involved with hearing function, so a failure in this area can cause the presence of tinnitus.

A disorder that affects the pressure of the otic fluid within the inner ear.

How to identify the symptoms of tinnitus and tinnitus?

Remember that suffering from tinnitus or tinnitus is the result of any other disease in the ear. This condition manifests in 18% of the world population, with the highest incidence in older adults.

Most of the time tinnitus can be intermittent and go unnoticed in people, however, when it is accompanied by other discomforts and reduces the quality of life of patients, it will be necessary to consult a doctor to determine a solution.

The symptoms that can trigger tinnitus, depending on the personal case of each patient, are:

  • Difficult to focus.
  • Problems in your daily work and/or family routine.
  • Headache.
  • Insomnia or constant interruption of sleep
  • Memory loss.
  • Tiredness or fatigue.
  • Anxiety.
  • Irritability.
  • Depression.
  • Stress.

You need to seek immediate help if your tinnitus does not go away within a week or if you start to develop symptoms like the ones just mentioned.


Treatments for tinnitus or tinnitus.

Las opciones de tratamiento para el tinnitus se relacionan con el tipo de diagnóstico que defina el médico otorrino, entre las que podemos resaltar están:

  • Implementation of hearing aids: To counteract the symptom as a consequence of hearing impairment.
  • Blood pressure treatment: Helping control blood vessel pressure is an effective option in some cases.
  • Substitution of drugs: By recommending other drugs, this side effect can be eliminated.
  • Unclog the ears by removing the wax: When there is an obstruction of this type, a professional does an ear wash that allows the duct to be released and thus reduces inflammation.

When tinnitus does not have a specific cure, options may be recommended to help reduce the perception of the symptom, such as:

  • Implementation of white noises: They are sounds that simulate static or environmental noises, there are machines that help with sounds such as falling rain and even everyday items that help with the problem such as air conditioning or fans.
  • Tinnitus-masking ear devices: These work similar to a hearing aid but produce a constant sound at a low level that counteracts the onset of tinnitus.
  • Psychological therapy: Attention involving various resources that seek emotional accompaniment to cope with the symptoms. This treatment focuses on improving anxiety, depression and/or lack of concentration that can result from this situation, especially when it is continuous.

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Frequent questions

It is ideal that you seek professional help when you notice a strange noise that remains for more than a week.

We can also recommend a visit to the doctor when your quality of life is affected as a result of tinnitus, for example, if your intellectual performance decreases or you feel emotional damage.

Tinnitus or tinnitus can occur in both ears as well as in only one. If you feel a strange, continuous or sporadic noise in your left ear, you are probably experiencing tinnitus. If the problem persists, seek professional help.

This condition is rare, the presence of a strange rhythmic noise is identified, it goes with the cardiac time and can be perceived by the doctor through tests. When this happens, there is a greater probability that the problem is related to cardiovascular failure.

Comprehensive care of the condition is necessary to stabilize the patient's blood pressure.

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