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Treatment for nasal polyps

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What are nasal polyps?

They are a whitish and benign mass inside the internal tissues of the nose or paranasal sinuses. They usually appear after an inflammatory condition and can grow so large that they can completely obstruct the nasal passages.  

Nasal polyps can go unnoticed for a long time since they do not represent any discomfort for the patient until they begin to block air circulation through the nose. 

People who develop these mass formations often suffer from shortness of breath, snoring, anosmia, which is the distortion of the sense of smell, and an increase in nasal mucus. 

It is a condition that can occur in children and adults. 

Causes of nasal polyps

So far, a specific cause of nasal polyps has not been identified. However, there is a risk factor that increases a patient’s chances of developing polyps, which are inflammatory conditions, such as sinusitis and rhinitis. 

For this reason, after treatment, the patient should follow a specific treatment directed to the solution of the allergological cause to avoid other inflammatory conditions and find a real improvement in the long term. 

Other risk factors are:

Tratamiento Quirúrgico Para Los Pólipos Nasales - Dr. Lech
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Yanixa Baloy
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Michel Guerrero
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Surgical treatment for nasal polyps

When these soft, benign masses reach a size that disturbs airflow and the mucosa of the nose, it is required to perform a surgical intervention to remove the polyp. 

The surgery is performed by a minimally invasive endoscopic process that allows manipulation and removal of the mass without compromising other areas of the nose. 

The surgical treatment is called endonasal endoscopy, using an endoscope that is introduced through the nostril along with a camera that allows the otolaryngologist to observe the inside of the nostril and paranasal sinus. 

It is a procedure with minimal risk and accompanied with appropriate postoperative care can ensure a long-term solution to prevent the recurrence of this condition. 

Causas De Los Pólipos Nasales - Dr. Lech

Treatment for children

Polyps in the nose of children are common, and usually generate obstruction to breathing and deformities in the nose, as they are evident to the naked eye. 

The traditional treatment for this condition, in adults and children, is the use of nasal or oral corticosteroids that can help reduce the size of the mass. 

However, the effectiveness of this treatment will depend on the size of the polyp and the discomfort it causes. Even in children, endoscopic surgery is recommended in case pharmacological treatment does not work. 

The nasal endoscopic intervention ensures a minimally invasive incision and few risks after surgery. However, it does not ensure that another mass will develop again in time. 

Care after nasal polyp surgery

After surgery, basic aftercare is established by your trusted physician, as well as the medications you should use and the measures you should avoid so as not to complicate the situation after the procedure. 

Although it is a minimally invasive intervention, it is a procedure where blood is lost and care measures must be taken such as: 

Cuidados Después De La Cirugía De Pólipos Nasales

Cleaning the nose:

The nose should not be blown for at least two weeks after the surgery because the pressure exerted by the air can cause bleeding. Nasal discharge is normal during recovery from surgery and a tissue can be used to wipe excess discharge externally. 

You will be able to implement saline solution to keep the nostril and wounds clean and thus avoid infections. The use of these lavages must be specified by the physician, especially their technique and frequency. 


Sudden movements, weight bearing efforts, impact physical activities and even pushing to evacuate can cause bleeding in the recently operated nose. Ideally, mild rest is recommended for the next two weeks after surgery.

Cold therapy:

Ice is fantastic for decreasing swelling and relieving pain. After the first day of surgery, you can try this cold therapy for 15 to 20 minutes every time you feel pain.

Sleep with your head raised:

It ensures a faster recovery because it helps to reduce inflammation, while helping to breathe better. To achieve this, the patient can use 2 or 3 pillows to sleep.

Intervención Quirúrgica Que Extrae El Pólipo

Treatment for nasal polyps

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