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Here are the respiratory after-effects of Covid-19 in some cases

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Covid-19 is mainly a respiratory disease transmitted by the Coronavirus virus, which ends up affecting other vital organs of the body, such as the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and brain. 

In addition to presenting particular cold-like symptoms, it can also affect some patients at a multisystemic level, causing serious damage that requires hospital care, including intensive care, as well as after-effects.  

In mild cases, the disease can be overcome within two weeks, but post-Covid effects or symptoms may continue to wreak havoc on some patients’ bodies. 

While it is true that not all people are prone to suffer from post-Covid symptoms, knowing them is a good approach to identify them in time and avoid further complications. Likewise, it is necessary to understand that, depending on the intensity of the disease, the after- effects will depend on the severity of the disease. 

Knowing this about the after-effects of Covid-19 is critical:

They are more likely to occur in patients who have had a severe experience with infection with this virus. However, this does not exclude from the risk people who had a mild case and even those who did not even notice the infection.

The after-effects of Covid-19 can be associated with a wide range of chronic health problems, even months after infection. Physicians diagnose these post-Covid symptoms based on each patient's history.

They may appear to be relapses of common Covid-19 symptoms, serious conditions, or even new and/or unusual symptoms.

Those with illnesses or disorders that predate infection with the virus may be more likely to suffer after-effects.

There is no test to determine that a patient's discomfort is caused by the after-effects of the Coronavirus, which is why it is so difficult to diagnose them.

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What may be the respiratory after-effects of Covid-19?

The after-effects may appear months after overcoming the disease and may present with various symptoms, but here are some of the respiratory after-effects:

Dyspnea: a choking sensation or breathing difficulty.

Drop of oxygen levels in the blood.


Chest pain.

Good news is that these symptoms, although distressing, are overcome within 3 to 4 weeks after their onset.

Patients must see a specialist to recommend an effective treatment that will help them to find out the cause and avoid further complications.

For example, an otorhinolaryngologist can help improve the sensation of dyspnea, finding an effective solution to restore the nasal mucosa.

What can I do to avoid the after-effects of Covid-19?

There are certain important recommendations to be followed by patients who have suffered from Covid-19, especially those made by the specialist physician who treats serious diseases.

Balanced diet: supplement the body with vitamins and minerals, improve the intake of vegetables and fruits and continuously hydrate the body in order to strengthen the state of all vital organs.

Frequent check-ups by specialists. Covid-19 is not a common cold and, therefore, you should go to the doctor to verify the state of your body, evaluate the condition and prevent any complications.

Physical rehabilitation or exercise. Whatever the physician's recommendations are, it is advisable to follow them in order to minimize the risk of suffering after-effects. Implementing a cycle of exercises or seeing a physiotherapist can be effective techniques.

Find emotional and psychological support. This aspect is also vulnerable after the whole situation of the pandemic and the physical challenge of overcoming the disease, several things continue to occur at the same time and some people need support to overcome these changes.

Improve the quality of sleep. The body needs rest and having a natural sleep cycle is part of overall health.

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Contact your trusted doctor. If you feel discomfort in your nose, Dr. Lech can help you solve it.

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