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Septoplasty in Panama

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Septoplasty is a surgical procedure performed in Panama with the purpose of correcting a deviation of the nasal septum, the structure that separates the nasal passages.

This procedure, carried out by specialists in otolaryngology, aims to align the nasal septum and restore the normal function of the airways.

Septoplasty Procedure:

It is performed in a surgical setting under local or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the deviation. The procedure generally follows these steps:

  • Access: The surgeon accesses the nasal septum through the nasal passages, avoiding external incisions.
  • Repositioning: The deviation of the septum is corrected by adjusting its position and aligning it properly.
  • Closure: Once the correct alignment has been achieved, the surgeon can close the incision and proceed to the recovery phase.
Procedimiento De La Septoplastia

Before and After

Condiciones Que Pueden Ser Tratadas Con Septoplastia.

Conditions that can be treated with septoplasty:

Septoplasty is effective in treating various conditions related to nasal septum deviation, such as:

Nasal Obstruction:

By correcting a deviation, septoplasty alleviates nasal obstruction, making breathing easier.


For some individuals, a deviated septum can contribute to snoring. Correction can reduce or eliminate this problem.

Sleep Apnea:

In some cases of obstructive sleep apnea, septoplasty can help improve nasal airflow and reduce symptoms.

Postoperative Care:

It is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions to ensure proper recovery. Some common postoperative care includes:

  • Rest: Rest is essential to allow the body to recover. Avoid strenuous activities for a specified period recommended by your surgeon.
  • Medications: Pain relievers or decongestants may be prescribed to control pain and reduce swelling.
  • Nasal Hygiene: Maintaining proper nasal hygiene is essential to prevent infections. Your surgeon will provide specific instructions.
  • Medical Follow-up: Scheduling and attending follow-up appointments with your surgeon is vital to assess the progress of recovery.

Advantages of Septoplasty:

Septoplasty offers several advantages, including:

  • Relief from obstruction: Restoring normal nasal function improves breathing and relieves chronic nasal obstruction.
  • Improved quality of life: Better breathing can lead to an improved quality of life, enhancing sleep quality and reducing symptoms related to nasal obstruction.
  • Minimally invasive procedure: Septoplasty is performed through the nasal passages, without external incisions, minimizing recovery time and scarring.

Risks of Septoplasty:

While septoplasty is generally safe, like any surgical procedure, it carries certain risks. These may include:

  • Bleeding: Bleeding can occur during or after surgery.
  • Infection: There is a risk of infection, although it is rare.
  • Changes in Sensation: Some individuals may experience changes in the sensation of the nose, such as temporary numbness.
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Laura Ruiz Ruiz
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La verdad mi hija y yo nos sentimos muy bien atendidas por el el dr. Lech, estamos siguiendo el tratamiento lo cual ha estado haciendo un buen efecto en ella y mejorando su calidad de vida. Muy agradecida siempre!!!
Yanixa Baloy
Yanixa Baloy
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Excelente Dr. Muy amable y excelente atención..lo recomiendo.
Xiomara Pinillo
Xiomara Pinillo
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Buen Dia Esperando todo se encuentren bien.- Lo que puedo comentarle es q el Dr. Lech es una excelente persona, no solo como medico sino como un ser humano, es muy especial en la atencion a sus paciente.- Soy fiel testigo de eso porque lo he vivido y he escuchado de otras persona y colegas. Bendiciones a tod@s.-
Michel Guerrero
Michel Guerrero
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Excelente su atención, muy empático y atento, muchas gracias, lo recomiendo.
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