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Tumors in the nasal passages

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What are tumors in the nostrils and what are they caused by?

A tumor is defined as the accelerated growth of abnormal cells that, when accumulated, build up to form a mass. Once they form in the nose, they can invade the nostrils or the paranasal sinuses.

Tumors are classified as cancerous and non-cancerous or benign. It is particularly important to define various details of the tumor before taking action, since each one requires a different treatment.

They are caused by a process of genetic mutation in which healthy cells turn into abnormal cells that multiply, grow and never die, damaging the body.

Causes of tumors in the nose.

The causes of this abnormal cell development cannot be determined. Besides knowing that it is a genetic problem, there are also risk factors that can contribute to the development of tumors in the human body, such as:

  • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection.
  • Prolonged exposure to air contaminated by gases, chemicals, wood dusts, flour, chromium, nickel, etc.
  • Active or passive smoking, i.e. exposing yourself to someone else’s cigarette smoke for too long.
Tumores En Las Fosas Nasales

Diagnostic process.

An ENT physician can help determine the presence of tumors in the nostrils and will perform several evaluations to determine the extent of the condition.

Imaging tests are very useful in diagnosing internal conditions of the nose. These tests are sensitive to soft tissues and allow visualization of any abnormalities.

This test is performed by means of an endoscope, a thin, flexible device with a tiny camera that is inserted into the nostril to evaluate the internal condition of the nose. If the doctor observes the presence of tumors, the process continues.

In the case of finding tumors, the condition of the cells must be analyzed to determine whether the tumor is malignant or not.

This requires the collection of a sample. The doctor makes a small incision in the tissue and sends it to a clinical laboratory.

Risk factors for tumors in the nostrils.

One of the main risk factors for tumors in the nostrils is cigarette smoking, as well as working without protection in chemical areas that end up damaging the condition of the air you breathe.

Medical treatments for tumors in the nostrils.

As we mentioned at the beginning, treatments are closely related to the characteristics of the tumor. Depending on the location and type of cells, the ENT doctor will prescribe an effective treatment.

Trusting your ENT doctor is essential to help you find the ideal solution to this condition.

Tumores En Las Fosas Nasales

This refers to endoscopic surgery that removes the tumor and the adjacent area with the help of small tools that are inserted through the nose without the need for major incisions.

If the tumor is malignant; that is, it has cancerous cells, the surgeon will remove the entire damaged area around the tumor in order to prevent the continuation of abnormal cell growth. In the case of a benign tumor, the solution is simpler and is limited to removal of the tumor.

This is a treatment in which high frequencies of localized radiofrequencies are used to destroy the malignant cells. It is recommended in patients with cancerous cells and can be used as an individual method or as a complement to others such as surgery.

An effective option to fight cancer cells that involves the implementation of a series of chemicals designed to destroy the mutated cells and prevent them from advancing further.

It can be used as an individual treatment or as a complementary treatment, such as surgery and even radiotherapy.

This is a type of medical service specialized in the control of pain and cancer symptoms, and is recommended for patients with very advanced disease or who have a serious medical history. It is offered as a solution that seeks to improve the quality of life of patients as the disease progresses.

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