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Turbinoplasty in Panama

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What does turbinoplasty involve?

Turbinoplasty is a highly effective surgical method recommended for addressing turbinate hypertrophy and other nasal conditions such as allergic rhinitis.

When the turbinates become inflamed, they can impede the correct flow of air and force the patient to visit the specialist numerous times. When traditional or less invasive treatments do not provide a lasting result, this surgery can be considered.

Nasal obstruction is a symptom that adversely affects the quality of life for those experiencing it. As an otolaryngologist, it’s essential to offer solutions for nasal turbinates that help eliminate nasal blockages. This solution is made possible through turbinoplasty.

Which reduces the size of the turbinates, allowing unobstructed airflow. Without compromising the structure of the nasal septum or nasal passages.

Surgical technique of turbinoplasty.

The primary goal of this surgical procedure is to assist the turbinates in allowing the airflow that enters the nose and filters it toward the paranasal sinuses. To achieve this, a technique known as “Surgical Fracture” can be employed.

The turbinoplasty procedure is performed using a thin tool that can enter through the nasal passages and reduce the size of the lower turbinates to ensure unobstructed nasal airflow.

Of course, each case of turbinoplasty is different because each patient has different conditions, For example, in some cases, part of the turbinate tissue will need to be shaved or the inferior turbinate will need to be removed.

Regardless of your situation, you must trust the ENT doctor who will perform the surgery and follow the postoperative care recommendations with determination.

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How to prepare for turbinoplasty?

Talk to your trusted ENT doctor about your routine medications, as they may affect the composition of your blood in some way. They may recommend discontinuing or changing some of them.

You should also discuss if you suspect pregnancy as well as your eating and drinking habits. For example, if you are a frequent drinker of alcohol.

Since this is an outpatient surgery, the doctor will tell you to fast after midnight before the day of the appointment.

Cost of turbinoplasty in Panama.

Turbinoplasty is a surgical procedure that fits each patient’s needs. The degree of complexity between one surgery and another varies from person to person and, therefore, the price as well.

You can quote with Dr. Lech the price of turbinoplasty in Panama.

Side effects of turbinoplasty.

Just as in any other surgery, there are risks that are not necessarily side effects, but may affect a small percentage of patients who undergo turbinoplasty, such as:

  • Infection of the incision.
  • Bleeding.
  • Allergies to the recommended medications.
  • Change in the ability to smell.
  • Insensitivity in the nose.
  • Fluid accumulation in the nose.
  • Repetitive nasal blockage.
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Frequently asked questions.

During the surgical procedure, the patient is sedated locally or under general anesthesia. This decision is up to the physician. This means that during the surgery the patient does not feel any pain.

However, it is inevitable that there is pain and swelling in the area at the end of the surgery that lasts at least 2 or 3 days.

This pain can be managed with drugs recommended by the doctor before surgery.

This surgery is an internal process of the nose that is related to the turbinates; that is, there is no reason to notice an external difference after the process.

In some very isolated cases, patients notice a thinning of the nose because the turbinates were protruding and they are no longer noticeable now with the reduction.

The process is different for each patient. Even so, the first 7 days are recommended for total rest. The patient will not be able to perform strenuous activities for this period of time.

After the first 7 days, activities such as returning to work can be implemented. For athletes, the process will be different and returning to exercise will depend on the doctor's decision.

The patient recovers completely in a period of 2 months.

When Is Turbinoplasty Necessary?

Turbinoplasty is considered when symptoms of nasal obstruction, chronic congestion, and breathing difficulties are not adequately alleviated by other medical treatments such as medications and environmental changes.

Situations in which turbinoplasty may be considered include:

  • Chronic Rhinitis: When inflammation and enlargement of nasal turbinates contribute to chronic nasal congestion, especially in cases of allergic rhinitis.
  • Nasal Septum Deviation: When a deviated nasal septum is combined with turbinate inflammation, causing significant nasal obstruction.
  • Sleep Apnea: In some cases of obstructive sleep apnea, turbinoplasty can help improve nasal airflow.
  • Medical Evaluation: The decision to perform turbinoplasty is made after a comprehensive medical assessment, which may include imaging and nasal endoscopy.

Advantages of Turbinoplasty

Turbinoplasty offers several advantages, including:

  • Relief from Congestion: One of the most significant benefits is the relief of nasal congestion, which improves the quality of life and the ability to breathe more efficiently.
  • Improved Breathing: Enlarging the nasal turbinates can enhance nasal breathing, particularly beneficial for those with chronic respiratory issues.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedure: Turbinoplasty is often performed on an outpatient basis and is generally less invasive than other nasal surgeries.
  • Quick Recovery: Recovery after turbinoplasty is typically fast, with less discomfort compared to more extensive procedures.
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Types of Turbinoplasty

Various approaches to turbinoplasty exist, including:

  • Submucosa: In this approach, a portion of the turbinate bone is removed to enlarge the nasal air space.
  • Lower Nasal Concha: One or both lower turbinates can be addressed based on the patient’s needs.

The choice of turbinoplasty type depends on medical evaluation and individual patient requirements.

It’s important to discuss the options with a specialist to determine the most suitable approach.

You can rely on the expert guidance of Dr. Lech.

Schedule an appointment to find an ideal solution for you.

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