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Curing snoring: Is it treatable?

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Believe it or not, snoring has a solution. You can find the right way to eliminate these annoying night sounds from your life. This time, we have put together all the necessary information on the subject in order for you to understand and treat snoring in your life once and for all.  

Read on and find out all the details. 

What is snoring?

Snoring is the loud, dry sound produced during sleep. This happens because the throat muscles relax with sleep and the passing air makes them vibrate and sound annoyingly. 

All human beings are prone to snoring while sleeping. Occasionally, this situation is not considered a problem. However, when the situation is very frequent and loud, it can be considered a chronic problem related to other serious health problems. 

In addition, in the long run, they become a nuisance for our partner who must witness all this while he or she is unable to sleep well. 

Another very particular situation of snoring is that, being a nasal congestion, it can cause what is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Tratamientos Para Curar Los Ronquidos

Treatments to cure snoring

In order to achieve an effective treatment, it is necessary for the patient to see a medical specialist who will recommend the best option for their case. In summary, the main recommendations can be:

Lose weight.

Sleep enough time, between 7 to 8 hours a day.

Decrease or eliminate the consumption of alcohol before sleeping.

Sleep on your side.

Treat nasal congestion.

Continuous positive airway pressure.

Mouth appliances that modify the position of the jaw in order to keep the airways clear.

Dr. Lech is an otolaryngologist in Panama ready to help you regain your quality of life and breathe better

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Loud snoring and its causes

Here are some of the many reasons that may cause a person to snore during sleep:

Nasal obstruction: This causes a greater effort when breathing through the nose, and creates a negative pressure that favors the closure of the pharynx and the loud sound when air passes through this area.

Adenoids or large polyps in the nose that interfere with normal breathing.

Overweight: can cause the accumulation of fat in the neck and tonsils to decrease the size of the patient's airway.

Patient's natural anatomy: a short neck length that does not allow for good airflow.

Posture: The position in which he/she sleeps makes breathing difficult.

Alcoholic beverages: Excessive consumption of alcohol can weaken the muscle tone of the throat and tongue.

Ronquidos Fuertes Y Sus Causas

By understanding these causes, the need to visit our ENT specialist can be considered in order to find a solution to snoring and, at the same time, to define if you suffer from sleep apnea or not.

Frequently asked questions about snoring

In less severe cases, it is due to the relaxation of the throat muscles in a position unfavorable to the free passage of air. In more chronic situations, it may be due to nasal obstruction that should be treated by a specialist.

There are some systems that can help not to snore. At first, it is to change some habits of your daily routine such as: 

  • Eliminate smoking and alcoholic beverages. 
  • Do not eat before going to bed but rather two hours before. 
  • Avoid tranquilizers or antihistamines at night. 
  • Exercise to improve breathing. 

On the other hand, if the case continues, you can acquire a device that serves to give stability to the jaw in order to advance and hold in the proper position the tongue and soft palate and thus avoid the vibration that causes snoring. 

To regain good breathing and obtain a more natural and comfortable result, you can refer to an otolaryngologist, such as Dr. Lech, who can offer several options to regain your good breathing. 

Not only is the latter option suitable for you to eliminate snoring, but also to maintain your overall good health. 

If your husband snores loudly and lengthily and has been doing it for many months, it is time to see a specialist who can make the necessary recommendations and even check the condition of the health of his nose.

Some steps are basic. It is enough to improve some characteristics of life that are related to healthy habits, such as recovering physical activity, losing weight, reducing or eliminating the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, as well as finding a way to improve the quality of breathing.

Self-medication is always unfavorable because we do not know the side effects that this may have on the body and, at the same time, the true causes of the condition are unknown. Therefore, the condition may end up worsening.

Before taking any drug that promises to solve your snoring problems, be sure to discuss it with a doctor you trust who can help you define if this is the ideal treatment for your condition.

Dr. Lech is an otolaryngologist in Panama ready to help you regain your quality of life and breathe better

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Laura Ruiz Ruiz
La verdad mi hija y yo nos sentimos muy bien atendidas por el el dr. Lech, estamos siguiendo el tratamiento lo cual ha estado haciendo un buen efecto en ella y mejorando su calidad de vida. Muy agradecida siempre!!!
Yanixa Baloy
Yanixa Baloy
Excelente Dr. Muy amable y excelente atención..lo recomiendo.
Xiomara Pinillo
Xiomara Pinillo
Buen Dia Esperando todo se encuentren bien.- Lo que puedo comentarle es q el Dr. Lech es una excelente persona, no solo como medico sino como un ser humano, es muy especial en la atencion a sus paciente.- Soy fiel testigo de eso porque lo he vivido y he escuchado de otras persona y colegas. Bendiciones a tod@s.-
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Michel Guerrero
Excelente su atención, muy empático y atento, muchas gracias, lo recomiendo.
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