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Laryngoscopy in Panama

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What is Laryngoscopy in Panama?

It is a visual examination of the larynx area aimed at viewing the throat, larynx and vocal cords in order to find and diagnose conditions. It is performed by a laryngologist to determine the patient’s condition.

The device used to perform this examination is called a laryngoscope, which consists of a thin tube with a camera and a light that is inserted through the patient’s nose or mouth and sends the images to a computer that enlarges them to help the specialist diagnose any condition.

Laryngoscopy is recommended for patients of any age, children, young people and adults who feel any discomfort in their throat or ears, voice and even respiratory problems that can be solved with medical intervention.

The examination is painless, although a little frightening for children because it is a foreign object observing the inside of the mouth. Therefore, specialists always use their techniques to distract and motivate children to finish the examination with different techniques that become the current types of laryngoscopies

Qué Es La Laringoscopia En Panamá - Dr. Lech
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Yanixa Baloy
Excelente Dr. Muy amable y excelente atención..lo recomiendo.
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Xiomara Pinillo
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Michel Guerrero
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Types of laryngoscopy:

Through these techniques, the otolaryngologist can manage to obtain a clear image of the patient without forcing or discomforting the patient.

Tipo De Laringoscopia Directa O Rígida - Dr. Lech

Direct or rigid laryngoscopy:

As its name indicates, it is a diagnostic and surgical procedure that involves the introduction of a rigid and direct tube through a medical procedure where the patient is asleep under the effect of anesthesia.

It is used more as a treatment with which all the elements that obstruct the larynx, such as polyps or any other material, can be eliminated. During the procedure, the otolaryngologist has a lamp and a camera that allows him to observe the whole area.

Since such a hard device is used for this type of treatment, it is recommended that the patient be in an operating room and anesthetized to avoid contraindications caused by the discomfort of the treatment.

Indirect laryngoscopy:

Under this method, the physician uses a mirror inside the patient’s mouth using a light aimed at the palate to observe the larynx, the vocal cords and the hypopharynx, which is a lower area of the throat.

It can be performed in the office, and it is recommended mostly in adults who can tolerate discomfort or retching.

Flexible Laryngoscopy or Nasofibroscopy:

This is a visual and diagnostic examination similar to direct laryngoscopy but, unlike direct laryngoscopy, the device is flexible, comfortable and quite tolerable for the patient.

The laryngoscope is a thin, flexible tube with a camera and light that is introduced through the patient’s nose or mouth and reaches the larynx to analyze the patient’s affected area.

Since it is a flexible treatment, it can be performed in the office or, rarely, in the operating room. For the use of the laryngoscope, the doctor provides a local numbing agent in the nose and throat so that the patient can overcome the discomfort generated by the device

Tipo De Laringoscopia Flexible O Nasofibrosco - Dr. Lech

What is laryngoscopy for?

Para Qué Sirve La Laringoscopia - Dr. Lech

Various conditions can be diagnosed thanks to this examination, such as:

As a treatment, it is effective for:

How much does a laryngoscopy cost in Panama?

Dr. Lech, ENT doctor with years of experience offers this service for: 150,00.

You can feel confident in his hands. He will do what it takes to find the solution to your discomfort with his dedication.

Do you think you need a laryngoscopy?

When you need a laryngoscopy for any member of your family, the ideal is to have a trusted otolaryngologist. Meet Dr. Lech has an unparalleled service that will surely find the solution to help you.

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