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Covid-19 triggers sinusitis. Is it true?

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The virus causing Covid-19 disease is an infectious virus characterized by respiratory damage such as anosmia, which refers to the loss of smell, among other symptoms, that in more severe cases can cause difficulty in breathing.

This virus can cause a respiratory complication especially when combined with other conditions in the upper respiratory tract such as cold, flu or sinusitis.

Being an infectious virus, it is not surprising that it can favor the appearance of sinusitis as a sequel of the disease, since it has recently been proven that its cells can remain up to six months in the nose.

Both pathologies share some symptoms and, therefore, it is essential to see a specialist physician to find out the real reason for our discomfort.

Qué Es La Sinusitis Y Qué Es El Covid-19

What is sinusitis and what is Covid-19?

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses due to an infection caused by obstruction or inflammation of the sinuses. In contrast, Covid-19 is a disease caused by a virus called Coronavirus that causes damage in different areas of the human body, mostly at the respiratory level.

They are different pathologies that require specific attention and treatment to achieve an improvement. In the case of sinusitis, it is necessary to stop the infection whereas in the case of the virus, it is necessary to keep the symptoms under control until the virus disappears

How does Covid-19 favor sinusitis?

So far, there is no scientific evidence that this virus may or may not have an effect on sinusitis conditions in patients.

However, one theory states that patients with Covid suffer a long-term inflammation of the olfactory neuroepithelium, which may be the response to the loss of smell and, in turn, favor the appearance of sinusitis due to the lack of mucosal secretion, especially in patients at high risk or with a history of sinusitis.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of sinusitis include the following:

Soy Paciente De Sinusitis Y Me Contagio De Covid-19

Covid-19 presents with the following symptoms:

What can I do if I am a sinusitis patient and I get Covid-19?

The best advice is to keep taking care of sinusitis with its recommended treatment and, at the same time, maintaining an additional hygiene with frequent hand washing and use of the mask.

In case of shortness of breath or worsening of any symptom related to sinusitis, go to your ENT doctor to help you get better.

How can I take care of myself if I am a sinusitis patient?

In these modern times, it is ideal to follow the recommended rules of hygiene and protection, which have to do with the frequent use of masks, social distancing and hand hygiene. These self-care methods can keep you away from the virus. 

You can get specialized medical support to treat sinusitis in Panama with Dr. Lech, who is an otolaryngologist and can help you with whatever you need.

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