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Especialista Sinusitis Panama

Rhinitis, causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment

The inflammation of the turbinates and the nasal mucosa prevents the passage of air through the patient’s nose. Anyone can be affected by this nose pathology; the important thing is to treat it as soon as possible to recover the patient’s quality of life. Human beings need to breathe well through the nose to carry out their daily processes and routines optimally.

This inflammation can be caused by an allergic reaction, the most common cause, by an infectious situation, by metabolic or functional conditions, and even by exposure to drugs or chemicals in the workplace.

Sinusitis, causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment

It occurs when the paranasal sinuses become inflamed and do not allow the expulsion of the body’s natural mucous secretion through the nose; this causes an infection due to the presence of fungi, bacteria, or viruses that proliferate and cause discomfort and pain for the patient.

When these paranasal sinuses become inflamed or blocked, they prevent air and secretions from circulating; when this happens, the microorganisms create an infection, and sinusitis begins.

Espicialista En Rinitis

Do you have rhinitis or sinusitis and are you in Panama?

Dr. Lech Korytkowski, ENT doctor in Panama can help you find the solution to your nasal discomfort.

Endoscopia Nasal Panama Dr Lech

Nasal Endoscopy

Nasal endoscopy is a procedure that allows the otolaryngologist to observe, examine and apply treatments inside the nasal cavity with the help of an endoscope.

You can diagnose diseases in the nostrils and paranasal sinuses and even perform minor surgeries.

This examination is possible thanks to the endoscope, a thin, elongated and flexible instrument connected to a camera and inserted painlessly and minimally invasively into the nose to observe and diagnose the patient’s problems.

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery

It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed by experienced otorhinolaryngologists that introduces a thin and flexible instrument, called an endoscope, which allows the visualization of the nasal cavity and the handling of other devices with which the surgery is performed.

Thanks to advances in medicine and the creation of technologies such as these, today, this surgery can be considered an effective, minimally invasive, and safe treatment for diseases in nasal cavities.

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