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Is steaming useful for sinusitis?

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Sinusitis is the inflammation and/or infection of the paranasal sinuses due to excess mucus and the impossibility of expelling it. It is a pathology that can affect the patient’s quality of life by producing various symptoms, such as fever, headache, nasal congestion, facial pain and even dizziness. 

The best way to treat sinusitis is to see a specialized physician who will make professional recommendations, usually prescribing antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, steaming, nasal washes and other treatments depending on the severity of the infection. 

Regarding the treatment, steaming is a functional solution

Inhaling steam is a technique that softens mucus and helps expel mucus, which benefits the patient’s condition, as it is the first step in clearing the infection. Steaming can be a great relief for nasal pressure and congestion.

If after a strong flu you feel an accumulation of mucus, you can try this home and accessible remedy to relieve congestion and reduce mucus. However,

if the situation gets complicated and you present symptoms such as fever, headache and facial pain, you should see a specialist to treat your congestion professionally.

It should be noted that although the treatment with steam is a solution that helps to expel the mucus, it cannot worsen or completely solve sinusitis. In order to heal it completely, a more complex treatment must be followed.

How does steaming relieve sinusitis?

Steaming consists of inhaling the steam generated by boiling water. There are several techniques to perform it.

Cómo Se Hace Una Vaporización Para Aliviar La Sinusitis

Complete steaming:

Place boiling water in a container and place the patient’s face over it so that they can inhale the steam emanating from it. Their face should be about ten inches above the container and at an angle of forty-five degrees.

For best results, place a towel over the head to retain the steam and allow the process to be as concentrated as possible. The ideal exposure time is ten minutes in front of the steam where the patient should breathe normally.

Use a humidifier:

This device helps keep the room humid with citrus aromas that can benefit your condition. It is ideal during the night to maintain hydration of the sinuses and prevent night blockages.

You can accompany the humidifier with lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus and mint to strengthen the immune system and open the airways.

Hot showers:

The idea is that the steam generated by the hot water will help you to loosen and deflate the sinuses to let the accumulated mucus flow and relieve pressure. It is a delicate technique ideal for children or people who cannot bear to expose themselves to a complete steaming.

Steaming with special plants:

Some herbs and plants have anti-inflammatory properties that help patients with sinusitis. Others are characterized by their properties for the respiratory system and it is convenient to apply them during an infection like this to reinforce the treatment.


It is a natural nasal and respiratory decongestant with antiseptic and antifungal properties that is functional to apply to boiling water to perform vaporization and even to use in a humidifier.


A natural ingredient that serves to detoxify the body. Its influence on the respiratory system is powerful.


It is a plant known for its various properties. For sinusitis, it is a powerful mucolytic, antifungal and antibacterial that benefits the patient. It is recommended to increase its intake and in some cases to make infusions with other herbs and onion to increase its effectiveness.

Vaporización Con Plantas Especiales

What else can be done to improve sinusitis?

The best recommendation to attack sinusitis is to see an ENT doctor who can evaluate your condition and recommend the ideal medication and treatment for you. 

In Panama, you can count on Dr. Lech to improve your sinusitis. 

To fight sinusitis, you will also need to drink enough water to stay hydrated, strengthen your immune system with vitamins and minerals and, finally, get enough rest so that the condition disappears when the time comes. 

The infection produced by sinusitis can be intense and it requires time and dedication to overcome it. Be patient and always seek the support of a professional.

Dr. Lech is ready to help you get fast relief for your sinusitis. Make your appointment here. 

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